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it's all in the mix: why UGC is an important part of your content strategy

when it comes to content, a hi-lo strategy can so be the way to go. We’ll explain…

User-Generated Content (UGC) has become an increasingly important part of a content strategy for so many brands. When used as a compliment to your considered and more aspirational brand content, UGC can not only significantly drive conversion but also attract a wider audience, sparking genuine engagement and influential conversations beyond your own channels and quickly boosting brand awareness.

A study conducted by ComScore and EXPO found that brand engagement increased by an average of 28% when professional brand content and UGC were used as part of a brand’s content strategy.

the power of social proof

Social audiences rate realness more than ever before; trending social media platform BeReal is the perfect example. Now ranked as the fourth most-downloaded social app*, it encourages users to be in the moment and share who (and where) they are without filters and editing tools — and all within a two-minute window. In the BeReal-verse, emojis are out and ‘realmojis’ are in.

This growing quest for realness helps affirm why UGC can work so well as part of your content strategy. Social proof is essentially a virtual thumbs up that comes from a third party: think customers, media, industry experts, even other brands in different categories. That thumbs up takes the form of a creator sharing a pic of your product, a video of them using it or talking it up, a quote or testimonial. Social proof has the power to pull in new followers, drive engagement and convert those followers into customers.

5 things we love about UGC

At crybaby we love creating clever brand campaigns and content and that will never change. But we also believe in closely following shifts in customer and brand behaviour in order to create the most relevant content that resonates.

A few reasons why we rate UGC as a worthy inclusion within your content mix:

1. It inspires trust and credibility
In aligning with the right creators, your brand earns instant social proof, boosting consumer confidence in who you are and what you offer.

2. It hands the mic to others to talk you up
Brand messaging alone can get a bit…much. But engaging with new voices and perspectives from outside your brand can keep your messaging relatable and your content feels fresh, engaging and authentic.

3. It creates connection
Putting your customers and brand fans in the spotlight shows that you value your audience and their perspective which further inspires brand loyalty and engagement.

4. It can inspire FOMO
UGC is word-of-mouth gone viral and it can be incredibly influential. Put super simply, it’s the ‘I’ll have what he/she/they’re having’ effect.
[*Adds to cart.]

5. It’s accessible to brands big and small
The lo-fi nature of UGC makes it accessible to even small brands and budgets to help build their audience. And for bigger brands, it’s a cost-effective content addition to work into your strategy, alongside your glossy brand content.

TALK to our team about handing over the hustle and hassle involved in managing your brand’s UGC. Our is ready and waiting by her inbox for you to reach out.

*Source: Social Media Today *comScore

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