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About Crybaby Productions

we’re a leading creative content and production agency with offices in Sydney & Byron Bay.

we create aspirational but relatable brand creative for a diverse range of clients. Thanks to our past lives in entertainment and media, we know how to balance an editorial aesthetic with commercial purpose.

Over the past six years, we’ve had the next-level joy of directing campaigns and content for market leaders in technology, fashion, finance, beauty and wellness, automotive, travel, and home. We’ve also helped cheeky challenger brands and start-ups connect and engage with their target markets as they build their brands.
We’re probably best known for what we call our crybaby quirks:

we’re relentless researchers

The minute we’re briefed, we live and breathe your brand, category, and customer. We offer a bespoke approach with a thoughtful return to brief based on original thinking, intensive planning, and quality execution.

we keep it fresh

Great casting is one of the keys to creative that connects with your audience and converts to sales. Our talent radar is always on; whether we’re unearthing great new creatives to collaborate with, faces to front your brand campaign, or an usual shoot location, we can spot that something-something that helps your content cut through and stand apart from your competitors.

we’re skilled talent tamers

We’ve worked with all sorts of personalities from tricky-but-genius creatives to celebrities and first-time talent. We know how to get the best out of our crew and talent from the pre-production stage, to our inclusive, on-set vibe, through to post-production.

we’re A-type organisers

You haven’t seen a call sheet til you’ve seen a crybaby call sheet. We take the schedule crunching, casting, talent negotiation, location sourcing, permit approvals, catering, all the moving pieces of a working set off your hands. And while we have Plans B and C ready to go, we also happen to be excellent at improv.

we’re expert jugglers

If you want something done, give a job to a busy person… said someone wise. With a diverse, active client list, personal passions, and a tribe of children between us, we multi-task better than most. And we can (and do) work across multiple time zones and locations simultaneously.

meet team crybaby

Clare Alstin

Creative Director & Co-Founder

Eternal optimist. Sleep challenged. Always up for a tricky fashion trend. Thinks BIG. Believes everything can be fixed with a good serum.

Clare has over 16 years experience in digital content creation. Having launched innovative online shopping platform stylefinder.com for Conde Nast way back when, Clare then moved into publishing as part of the relaunch team for Russh magazine and Russh.com. After several years in publishing, she consulted to brands including Westfield, IMG Fashion, Marcs, and RM Williams on digital content and creative campaigns. Clare co-founded crybaby productions with Catherine Stone in 2015 while simultaneously producing more children than she ever imagined.

Catherine Stone

Creative Director & Co-Founder

Fearless. A caller of spades. Inspired by the impossible. Always on. Happiest when underwater.

Starting her career as a creative for ad agency Publicis Mojo, Catherine went on to work in media as a journalist at SBS and a senior director at MTV working on short-form content and brand campaigns, fashion shows including the sponsor-driven 'Style with Ruby Rose' and a number of documentaries. Then came a 15-year freelance career as a busy director and producer across TVCs, live events such as the epic Sydney NYE live broadcast, and masses of digital content before co-founding crybaby productions with Clare Alstin in 2015. Catherine heads up crybaby’s Byron Bay office and is pretty much living the Northern-NSW dream with her family.

Hannah Jordan

Producer & Editor

tech tragic. nuts for the newcastle knights. winner of short-film awards. hoop-shooting crochet master. hooked on trashy romance novels. identical twin.

With a former life and extensive experience as a creative and technical lead in agency, Hannah has worked across a zillion brands for close to a decade; from beauty and lifestyle to sporting and corporate clients. A lover of tech and beauty brands, she’s as mad for a Microsoft project as she is for a mascara campaign. An astoundingly capable multi-hyphenate, Hannah produces, lights, shoots and edits content, working across both crybaby campaign briefs and our offshoot creative studio. She also happens to be an A-type organiser and has brought a new level of law and order to our file management, gatekeeping our drives like it’s a matter of national security.

there’s really nothing we don’t do

We are a multi-skilled, uber-experienced outfit that lives to create compelling creative in myriad forms. Over the past year or two, we’ve grown team crybaby to include our own breed of producers, directors, and editors with a strong digital and social focus.

When a job calls for truly specialist skills, we can quickly flex up and out to our extended family of expert collaborators from street-casting talent spotters and 3D animators, to deep-sea camera operators willing to swim with sharks. We know good people, everywhere.


From concept ideation and campaign creation, to storyboarding, crew curation, and talent casting, we will in-source all your creative thinking and absorb the inevitable headaches so you can worry not and go back to focusing on your day job. We will also happily collaborate closely with you and your marketing, content, and social teams to ideate fresh, on-brand creative in line with your budget, timelines, and commercial imperatives.


As a full-service production agency, we are wildly capable at directing and executing every single production detail across every form of content and platform imaginable; from print media and social content campaigns to a complete suite of multi-platform marketing assets. We direct and produce TVCs and documentaries, event activations, experiential installations, and indoor/outdoor digital billboards.

The global pandemic helped to amplify the importance of virtual connectivity and we spent much of the last 18 months perfecting the art of online education; from livestreams and webinar series, to IGTV events and community meets, supported by a pre-and post-event calendar of engaging social content.

post production

Creative planning and production are the foundation but our post-production skills wrap that all-important black velvet bow around your content to help bring it to life. We onboard our own in-house editors from the very moment we accept your brief right the way through ideation, execution, and post production to ensure we’re delivering what we promise and what you’re expecting. We’re used to tight turnarounds and lightning-fast content delivery to help you ride the moment.

Let’s talk about you & your content dreams

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