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why & how your EVP can be your MVP

crybaby has been enjoying a growth spurt of late. We’ve been steadily adding to our production team at HQ and it’s forced us to do some soul searching on exactly what our Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is and how we can leverage it to attract the brightest sparks and best culture fits while keeping our long-serving crybabies as happy as can be.

Today, recruitment has never been such a competitive space. Unemployment levels are low, remote working has opened up the global marketplace like never before and employees are feeling more empowered, with more options (and demands) than ever before. All of which makes it crucial that your employer brand is looking its best and brightest and a big part of that is your EVP.

A standout EVP will:

·     Help reduce staff turnover and boost retention
·     Improve your company culture and deliver all the employee feels
·     Turn employees into invaluable ambassadors and recruitment influencers
·     Attract the best and the brightest

four great examples of EVP-supporting video content

We don’t just work on brand campaigns and product launches. Here we collaborated with some of our favourite clients to give their EVP offering a crybaby glow-up:


In the early stages of the COVID pandemic, software superhero Atlassian quickly identified the potential impacts of forced isolation and remote working on their staff — because they’re great like that. Up bubbled their Beyond Wellbeing Month: a schedule of organised live-stream events, online seminars and workshops led by world-class experts that went beyond guided meditation and mindfulness tips to provide expert insights and actionable tools to help support and develop resilience and an infectious, forward-thinking mindset.

crybaby were thrilled to help Atlassian schedule, produce, direct, script and shoot the content to activate this initiative, working across multiple markets and timezones. By creating not just live events but a well of on-demand content ready and waiting to be accessed by anyone, anywhere, anytime, Atlassian were able to not only boost morale and support teams all over the world in what was the trickiest of times but also improve employee satisfaction and motivation with the most wonderful halo effect on the broader company culture. [All the feels.]

Matrix HR Recruitment

For Matrix, education is everything. Known for their commitment to top teaching talent, we worked with their HR team to create five EVP videos to act as engaging recruitment tools.

Our crybaby treatment put Matrix Education employees front and centre; handing them the mic to share a real-life take on working at MatrixHQ, highlighting the company culture and the benefits of their flexible working environment.  Who better to talk to company culture and promote their EVP than Team Matrix themselves?

Watch our work


Super brand Microsoft are renowned for being committed to the growth and development of their internal teams through a dedicated EVP program. crybaby has a long partnership of content collaboration with Microsoft and our most recent efforts saw us working with the global giant’s internal education team to create a video content series designed to inspire, educate and motivate.

Led by their Employee Skill Lead Jonathan Stevenson and featuring a roll call of world-class experts, the videos were created as important, easy-access resources to share knowledge, wisdom and skills across their employee community.

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The Estee Lauder Group

For Estee Lauder-owned Clinique, crybaby created a dynamic video treatment for what was effectively an Australia/New Zealand market visit. Instead of subjecting their global teams to ‘death by PowerPoint’, we used graphics and animation, supplemented with client-supplied footage, to effectively communicate a large amount of information in a clear and engaging video format.

Great, you’re thinking, but how does that impact Clinique’s EVP? By packaging company updates in a dynamic way to drive engagement, retention and community all in a highly snackable format, that’s how.

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are you ready to elevate your EVP?

At crybaby, we can create a range of assets to up your EVP and your employer brand offer simultaneously. We work with HR , Sales and Talent and Culture teams on everything from recruitment videos, internal educational platforms, video reports and presentations to live-stream events and cultural initiatives.

Make your EVP your MVP

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