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Social Campaign

We built it all up so you can break it all down.

We got our hands dirty (literally) to show you the end product in its end-of-life cycle. When ModiBodi says ‘recyclable’ and ‘compostable’ they mean it. ModiBodi backs what they say with products that do what they say.

It’s not every job that requires you to source a wheelbarrow load of dirt. But when our clients ask, we deliver. Bringing to life this campaign for ModiBodi was a truly exciting project for a truly innovative brand. With an industry awash in greenwashing we were honoured to be given the opportunity to communicate true innovation, real change, and reliable facts.

When Willow & Blake, a Melbourne based branding agency, came to us with this brief – how could we refuse? They’re experts at copywriting and harnessing the power of words so bringing to life their ideation visually was a dream collaboration. With the challenge of communicating a suite of social content that captured both the brand’s message and the science behind their product it was this, dare we say, double edges word partnership that proved most effective. Who else would we rather get down and dirty with?

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