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We’re definitely guilty of selfish motivations in helping this popular pilates instructor evolve and expand her business into online, on-demand instruction.

Online instruction has become a hugely successful content opportunity for businesses, especially within the world of health and wellness. Having been a long-time client of Fluidform Pilates (yet often being too busy to get into the studio), we were thrilled to work with founder and leading instructor Kirsten King on her transition to online instruction. And to know we could soon work out in the privacy of our own homes, at any time of day or night.

We created a template for the Fluidform at Home series of instructional video content and directed a premium, on-brand filming style that was not just easy for her audience to follow but that captured the detail of Kirsten’s form and movement cues as clear, technical instruction is so crucial to safe and effective practice. All of which put Fluidform in an even stronger position once COVID led to multiple lockdowns which kept people at home and not able to visit their favourite studio.

Fluidform at Home has become an incredibly successful brand in itself and the go-to program for on-demand pilates. [It’s also kept us in our jeans throughout lockdown.]
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