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We live for live events.

Our crybaby events content arm kicked off immediately after winning the contract for Mercedes-Benz Australian Fashion Week. Not only did we capture branded content opportunities for fashion designers and event sponsors including Mercedes Benz, Destination NSW, and DHL but we also hosted a 24/7 live stream of runway, behind-the-scenes, and carefully curated content. A fashion content marathon, we helped grow their audience from 15,000 to a mind-blowing 800,000.

Since then, we’ve gone on to produce numerous live streams and broadcasts and event content for clients including VOGUE Australia for VOGUE CODES, Aperol Spritz’s #shareaspritz, and fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger’s Australian visit. We specialise in high-impact, high-volume social and brand content and can edit at lightning speed live on site and turnaround event highlight reels overnight.

One of our most rewarding events projects was creating, directing, and producing a motion artwork that was the experiential backdrop for a Hermès Summer party. To enable guests to feel like they were standing at the water’s edge of a pristine, secluded beach for the golden hours of sunset and sunrise, we searched Australia’s coastline far and wide for the perfect beachscapes. On the night, the final edit was projected onto an epic, 30-metre-long screen through the duration of the event to great effect.

We combed over 15 beaches across two states to find the perfect sand, cloud cover, and surf and worked with incredible film editors and colourists to craft the final piece. This Hermès project was one of the most researched, technically precise, and challenging we’ve done and for all those reasons and more, it remains a crybaby favourite.
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